«Шымкент –адалдық алаңы» жобалық кеңсе қызметкерлерімен жиын

   In order to form an anti-corruption culture, general rejection and intolerance to manifestations of corruption, increase citizens' confidence in the institutions of state power, representatives of the project office "Shymkent-adaldykalany" headed by a member of the information and educational headquarters IsabekAzimkhan together with the head of the "Parasat" Department of the SKU named by            M. AuezovDulatovaGulbakytSeisenbekovna held a scheduled meeting with the staff of the college...

Visit of the head of the language department Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan David Heartl in M.Auezov SKU

  On October 22, 2020, Auezov South Kazakhstan University was visited by a delegation headed by the Head of the Language Department of the Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan David Heartl and the Head of the Information Department / Library of the Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan - SholpanKyzaybayeva...

Director of the center for modern technologies Ed Crunch University NUST "MISIS"in Moscow visited M. Auezov SKU

  On October 21, 2020, Director of the center for modern technologies Ed Crunch University of National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" MISIS in Moscow, founder of the educational project "Open school" KiyasovNurlanMuratovich visited South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov...

Оnline webinar "Introductory meeting of partners of the KAZDUAL project – Implementation of the Dual System in Kazakhstan"

 On October 17, 2020,as part of the international days of the ERASMUS + program, an international online webinar "Introductory meeting of partners of the KAZDUAL project – Implementation of the Dual System in Kazakhstan"was held...


     In connection with the announcement of the world health organization, a new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure public safety, protection of life and health of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the entire territory of the Republic on March 16 of this year's state of emergency. College of SKSU named after M. Auezova, obeying the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on the state of emergency", has switched to distance education technologies in an organized manner. For high-quality education of students in online - offline modes, a webinar was organized for teachers, where recommendations were given to teachers and students on remote educational technologies through the platforms "Platonus", "Zoom", "College Smart Nation" and other resources. It should be noted that the College is technically ready for remote work, equipped with modern equipment.


Happy is the one who is full of compassion

A charity fair "Zhany meirimge toli adam – bakytty" was organized at the сollege of SKSU named after M. Auezov by student activists. In the organization of the fair was attended by members of student clubs "Parasattylyk mektebi", "Izgilik elshileri", "Sanali urpak". The opening of the fair was marked by the words of the director of the college Alibek S. N. about the outstanding qualities of a person to be merciful and generous, to be able to provide selfless help to his neighbor. The fair was a great success for students and teachers of the college.

Law aimed at improving the status of teachers!

From time immemorial, the work of the teacher was highly valued and honored in the Kazakh national tradition. It was argued that only a society that respects the teacher, trusts him to educate the younger generation, has the right to a happy enlightened future. The future of any state is inextricably linked to the quality of school education. The key to success in this area largely depends on the level of knowledge and responsibility of the pedagogical corps. It is not for nothing that in recent years our society has been trying to understand more deeply the role of the teacher in the formation of an intellectual nation that can adequately respond to the new challenges of globalization.