"Guys of the Great Steppe"

        March 6, 2019 in the College of M. Auezov SKSU, an event called “ Uly dalanin zhіgіtterі” was held. It was dedicated to the Presidential program “Ruhani Zhanyru”, which was published in the article by the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev “Bolashaka Baғdar: Ruhani Zhanyru”.

      Lecturer of social disciplines, organizer of the event, N. Dosybay, in his opening remarks drew the audience’s attention to the main goals and objectives of the program, which included raising patriotism and involvement in the achievements of the heroic history, present and future of our state.

      A film about the historical development of modern Kazakhstan received a response in the hearts of viewers, and a contest of erudites illustrated by a video series of historical personalities of Kazakhstan aroused great interest. Spectators who demonstrated excellent knowledge of the history of Kazakhstan also actively entered the game. The student of the DTN-18-1k group was recognized as the winner. Orynbasarov Daryn. Boys showed remarkable strength in power competitions in raising a weights, arm wrestling, and national fun with an arkan's wicker. The most powerful student was DTN-18-1k Shamdin Akarys, the most dexterous student Erdaliev Bekzat. The guys showed their talents in singing, reciting, dancing. Squall of applause fell on the team of KVN "SKSU Zhastary" Adding laughter, humor to a good festive mood. One should especially note the students Nogmanov Magzhan, Seitov Ayupkhan, Ayap Mukhamedzhan.

      The jury members, the college teachers noted the most active participants, thanked the organizers and students, wished them further success, victories; hoped for further meetings on the stage, sports fields, competitions.