«March 1 - Thanksgiving Day»

March 1, 2016 in the college Auezov SKSU the festive event "March 1 - Thanksgiving Day"was organized by the teachers of the college S.N. Avtyukhova, G.K. Halmuratova. The event was attended by the Director of College of AuezovSKSU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Seidakhan Nurmahanuly Alibek, the Deputy Director for Educational Work Zh.O. Malibekov, college teachers and students. The event was conducted by active students of the college Zhumatova Akhmet, Kudratullayev Gulamzhon and Apsheitova Akniet. Students from the group AG-18-11k1 Asan Asylkhan, Baiyrkhanuly Nurkanat, Nabiev Zahidzhan dedicated their homeland to their native land, parents, teachers, Kusherbaeva Aida and a student from the group  VET-18-15k Orynbasarova Assel delight audience dancing national dance of «Uigur». A student of the group GSn-18-10k Kalacheva Angelina briefly explained the holiday of the Russian people "Maslenitsa".    At the end of the event, the Deputy Director for Educational Work Zh.O.Malibekov summarized the event: «Kazakhstan is a multinational state. I think that Thanksgiving Day is special for me. On this day, all people say each other good opinions, good wishes, thanks. March 1 is the first day of spring. For each of us there is a beautiful image of spring and a beautiful view. In thanksgiving, the true man is much good. In addition, people should show their good wishes and gratitude. At any time without losing sight, you need to evaluate every opportunity. A human being, who is not indifferent, reaches high dreams, noble dreams».