In connection with the announcement of the world health organization, a new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure public safety, protection of life and health of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the entire territory of the Republic on March 16 of this year's state of emergency. College of SKSU named after M. Auezova, obeying the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on the state of emergency", has switched to distance education technologies in an organized manner. For high-quality education of students in online - offline modes, a webinar was organized for teachers, where recommendations were given to teachers and students on remote educational technologies through the platforms "Platonus", "Zoom", "College Smart Nation" and other resources. It should be noted that the College is technically ready for remote work, equipped with modern equipment.


Happy is the one who is full of compassion

A charity fair "Zhany meirimge toli adam – bakytty" was organized at the сollege of SKSU named after M. Auezov by student activists. In the organization of the fair was attended by members of student clubs "Parasattylyk mektebi", "Izgilik elshileri", "Sanali urpak". The opening of the fair was marked by the words of the director of the college Alibek S. N. about the outstanding qualities of a person to be merciful and generous, to be able to provide selfless help to his neighbor. The fair was a great success for students and teachers of the college.

Law aimed at improving the status of teachers!

From time immemorial, the work of the teacher was highly valued and honored in the Kazakh national tradition. It was argued that only a society that respects the teacher, trusts him to educate the younger generation, has the right to a happy enlightened future. The future of any state is inextricably linked to the quality of school education. The key to success in this area largely depends on the level of knowledge and responsibility of the pedagogical corps. It is not for nothing that in recent years our society has been trying to understand more deeply the role of the teacher in the formation of an intellectual nation that can adequately respond to the new challenges of globalization.

The Great History of the Great Steppe

December 16 - Independence Day, the day when the great dream of the Kazakh people came true. In honor of the holiday in the College of SKSU named M. Auezov organized a solemn meeting, which was attended by students and the teaching staff of the college. In a Patriotic rush, the participants of the event performed the national Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The director of the college, doctor of istorical sciences S. N. Alibek in his welcoming speech addressed the heroic history of Independence Day, its significance in the formation of our state, the realization of the great dreams of our ancestors.

Schools "Parasat" - the pledge of an honest future

    According to the plan of the Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan on anti-corruption "Turkestan-the territory of honesty" in the College of SKSU named after M. Auezov by order №1 of  23.10.19 «Parasat school»  was organized and the first meeting of the school was held. Organized in order to promote the principles of openness,justice, integrity among the teaching staff and students of the сollege school "Parasat" was headed  by the social teacher of the сollege A. B. Beisenbayeva. The updated volunteer club "Good ambassadors" was headed by an english teacher T. K. Zhaksylyk.


     On  November 29, as part of the celebration  the day  of the first Presidential College of SKSU.M. Auezov and the Preparatory center held a meeting on "leadership Lessons of modern Kazakhstan".  The guest of honor of the event was Spaev Telman, whose student years fell on 1958-1960 years of study in Ukraine, in Dneprodzerzhinsk technical school  number. 8, where together with the future President, N. A. Nazarbayev, he comprehended the working specialty " Blast furnaces»

Fair generation - a bright future

November 8, 2019 at the College of South Kazakhstan state University named after M. Auezov in the office of the project "Fair generation - a bright future"  in order to implement an anti-corruption policy in the field of education on a systematic and long-term basis, a free form meeting was held between  club members and students. Acting Deputy Director for educational work M. E. Ismailova called students to be honest, develop spiritual wealth,to instill moral values and the desire of young people to build a society with a high anti-corruption culture.

The winning week!

  November was rich in interesting events and successes of our students. The youth Boxing team at the end of the Asian Championship, which started on 9th November  in the capital of Mongolia Ulan Batyr, brought great joy to the people of Kazakhstan. Six gold medals, first team place. The pride of the College of SKSU named after M. Auezov, a 3rd year student of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport" Aidaruli Margulan also contributed to the victory.


Two deputies studying at the College

In Shymkent, a Youth maslikhat organized, the composition of which consists of young people aged 14-29. The maslikhat of 29 deputies was formed on a competitive basis, according to certain criteria. Having passed all the tests, from a large number of applicants, students of the College of SKSU named After M. Auezov Tolenbek Nuraim, Bayniyazov Uldana were awarded the honorary title of deputy of the youth maslikhat of the city Shymkent.Successfully combining studies and social activities, our deputies implement their elective program, actively raise and solve the problems and contemporary challenges of youth.

One step to lead....!

Multiple prize-winner of the leather glove Championships, who was pleased with his victories, glorifying Kazakhstan, 4th year student of the specialty "Physical culture and sport" Aidaruli Margulan will take part in the International championship, which will be held in the Mongolian Republic in Ulaan-baatar on November 9-18. We Wish Margulan victory!